Welcome to Elusive Pomeranians
I am Erika; I live in s/w Florida on the beautiful gulf side with my Husband Bill and my lovely Pomeranians.
I am a very small hobby breeder.
I breed one or two litters  a year in Hopes of Producing show quality Puppies.
I breed mainly for my own use however; occasionally there may be one or two puppies available to a show or pet home.
I always had larger dogs; however, I fell in love with Poms a long time ago while I was still very young.
The first Pomeranians came into my world about 5 years ago when I fell in love with the breed watching them at a show in Tampa and just had to have one.
I educated myself about the Pomeranian breed
Watching them at many shows and speaking too many of the show Breeders about the Breed, and what it takes to show Pomeranians.
I liked everything I heard about the Pomeranian and
made up my mind that I wanted a sweet little fluff Ball of my very own to show.
I studied pedigrees from other Breeders dogs trying to figure it all out (Not Easy) and asked many questions.
After purchasing some poms that had faults that kept them from going anywhere in a show career and selling them again I finally found the right breeders and dogs that I could work with.
That’s how it all started, Poms are addictive they are like potato
chips you can’t just have one.
As you see from the Picture my Pom family grew from one to seven.
I bred a litter of two last year, that was such a thrill. Of course I had to keep one the other  was adopted by my daughter who  came to visit and fell in love, she   just had to have my Male  Ta-kota.
I have never regretted getting my Poms; they are living in my Home, with my Husband and me. We enjoy their little antics and company immensely.
If we have any Poms available you can find them on the available page.
Enjoy your look around and come back again.



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